Welcome to PlanetJ's FirstLook videos.Over the years, we've found that many of our customers are visual learners and would much rather see WOW's features in action than read about them in a big list. So, this series of short videos aims to visually introduce you to WOW and a variety of its features. We hope you find them helpful. Enjoy!

Most of these videos do not require sound. Those that do will be designated with a small audio icon next to the title.

Overview & Concepts

Getting Started


  • Executive Excel Dashboards

    Use WOW to build powerful executive dashboards in Excel.

  • ReportBreak

    Reports are used to perform different mathematical operations of any numeric data that is in the table.

Working With Data


Look & Feel

  • Customizing Themes

    Create your own themes to make your web applications look exactly the way you want.

  • Tabbed Layout

    Tabbed Layout is used when you are running the secondary operations, you still want to be able to view the results of your primary operation.

Data Validation

General Features

Web Object Wizard

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Experience the fastest web developement tool on Earth.

News & Events

Edition 7.0 Released

WebHelp Documentation System

Govt. Data Solutions

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