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Why Sell WOW?

Many businesses are looking to create Web applications to optimize their business by connecting customers, suppliers, and employees to backend databases. The market for this type of business solution is vast and expanding. However, this development process is expensive and time consuming often requiring highly trained JAVA programmers many months. WOW has proven it can provide these solutions in minutes as compared to months providing significant value to businesses.

WOW enables programmers and power users at all levels of experience to quickly develop dynamic and real-time Web based applications without the need to learn Java and WebSphere. It becomes easy to demonstrate to potential clients how much they can save by using WOW. Selling WOW becomes a SLAM DUNK.

With the busy schedules of your IT contacts, it only takes 1 hour for them to attend a Webinar; one of several sessions run by PlanetJ developers. Potential clients are able to see and try WOW for themselves. As a business partner, you may request a specific Webinar schedule, and PlanetJ will work with you to plan and conduct a Webinar featuring your company.

How Can You Make Money?

At PlanetJ, our goal is to provide business partners the opportunity to profit from this revolutionary tool. PlanetJ has the tool, you have the customers! We will provide educational services, marketing materials, and on-line meetings to drive WOW sales to your customers. If you have customers that would like to see data on the Web, partner with PlanetJ, and we will pay you 25% of WOW sales generated from your customers.

Business Partners Will Receive:

  • Electronic access to PlanetJ marketing material to provide to customers
  • Access to WOW powered Business Partner Net to track leads and potential leads
  • Appropriate training in WOW to build sales and services skills
  • Ability to attend and host frequent PlanetJ hosted Webinars with real-time demonstrations to drive sales

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